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◇ 7th ◇ Kindai Ground

On the 7th, Ichiwakayama, who will participate in the 93rd Selected High School Baseball Championship (opening on the 19th, Koshien), played a practice game with Kindaitsuki (Osaka) in Ikoma City, Nara. Pitcher Kenta (2 years) completed a complete game with 1 goal in the 9th inning. 10 scouts from 7 teams gathered. The fastest was 148km and he struck out 11 times, but his self-scoring was harsh, saying, “I still have a straight line and I still have a lot to do.”

I’ve shown extraordinaryness four times. He reached the 4th place with no death on the 1st and 2nd bases. Waiting for a fastball and taking a stab at it. The first ball is the orbit of a fastball. However, bend it at hand. Invited to hit with a treasure sword cut ball, and double-played with a ground ball. It is the true value of the pitching technique of “hit and take”.

Katsuhito Mizuno, a giant who boiled Koshien as the ace of Ikeda (Tokushima) and took the nickname of “Kintaro Awa”, also visited the scout club and said, “I am good at pitching. I also go to the outside, so I can take a swing. I’m really looking forward to it. ” After the 5th inning, he raised his gear and took 8 strikeouts.

Last fall Kinki tournament was 22 times and 1 goal. It has evolved further, and coach Naoya Funatsu (28) revealed that “the number of straight misses and hits has increased. The quality has improved.” When he sees the enemy’s fastball aim, he throws a lot of change-ups to learn. If Kozono said that it was “very effective,” catcher Torao Matsukawa (2 years) was convinced that “it can be counted. It can be used.”

The first team on the 22nd will fight against Gifu Commercial & Business High School. Kozono enthusiastically said, “By suppressing it, the whole team will gain momentum” in the smashing catcher Shoto Takagi (2 years). The wide-angle batting method overlaps with “Type is Matsukawa”. To the first Koshien. Draw a protagonist scenario.[Shunsaku Sakai]

▽ Director Ichi Wakayama / Handa I have adjusted with the intention of throwing 9 times today. Even when I asked him eight times, he said, “I can still go at all.” In the middle of the game, there was a scene where the ball went up, but I was able to fix it during the match.

▽ Hiroshima Sayashi Scout A wide variety of ball types and dexterity. The more straight you run, the more intimidating you will be. You can control and quick. The degree of perfection is high.

▽ Yakult Abe Scout You can control various types of balls. Overall power is high. If you raise the gear, you can also strike out. The average speed of a fastball is also high.

▽ Lotte Sanke Scout The changing ball is also diverse and it is difficult for the batter to narrow down the target. There is a part where the batter is confused by the fastball, two seams, and the cut ball.

▽ Orix Taniguchi Scout The tempo was good. Complete game, that’s enough. By allocating the pace, there are a lot of changing balls, and it’s still getting better.

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