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I talked with Inaba GM with a serious expression

■ Nippon-Ham Fighters-Giants (Interleague Play, 27th, Sapporo Dome)

Giants Sho Nakata infielder returned to Sapporo Dome for the first time after the transfer. Before the game, Kotaro Kiyomiya, pitcher Kosei Yoshida, and pitcher Naoyuki Uwasawa, who started the day, visited Nakata one after another to greet him and enjoyed the reunion.

This is the first time I’ve played at the Sapporo Dome since I transferred to the Giants in August last year with a shocking free trade. There was also a scene where he talked with Atsunori Inaba, who played with him for many years, with a serious expression while showing the gesture of swinging a bat.

A battle with the old nest, which has been 14 years since he became a professional player. This day was off the starting lineup, but will the arch at the Sapporo Dome, which has been since May 1st last year, pop out?

The giant was Hiroyuki Nakajima infielder on first base, and Adam Walker outfielder was the designated hitter. In addition, Kotaro Kiyomiya infielder will start the Nippon-Ham Fighter for the first time in two games with “3rd, 1st base”.

[Table]Nippon-Ham-Giants starting lineup

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