Gignac, on his way to being the oldest scoring champion in Liga MX

Tigers striker Andre-Pierre GignacI know rediscovered with his scoring nose at Closure 2022 and at the moment is found as Leader from scoring individual of the tournament, with a figure that equals the number of goals he had in all of 2021. This makes him stand out clearly as the favorite to get the single titlesomething that would make him the oldest network breaker to achieve it.

In case to achieve keep the rhythm top scorer in the current competition, the player Gallo would break record As the champion from oldest goal scorer in short tournaments, same that belongs to Carlos Muñoz Coboformer Spanish striker who achieved this label in Winter 1996, when he scored 16 goals during his time at Puebla FC.

In the second tournament Michael Herrera in front of the auriazules, the equipment it has been a machine of doing goals and Dede has been the Main protagonistsince it has similar numbers to the Clausura 2016 and Apertura 2018, when he was scoring champion.

In this contest, the Bomboro adds seven goals in eight gamesthe same matches that his team has played, since the Matchday 9 duel once morest Pachuca was suspended due to violence in Queretaro and will be played until Thursday, April 7 at 7:00 p.m.

the french attacker He has two goalscoring titles on the MX Leagueto which he arrived in 2015, the same ones that occurred in the Closing 2016where he finished with 13 goals, and in the Opening 2018with 14 targets.

If so compare with the tournaments what carry at mexican soccer, until Matchday 8 each, his best number is 8 goalswhich he recorded in the Clausura 2016 and in the Apertura 2020, followed by the Clausura 2020 and the 2022 edition, with seven goals, then there is the Apertura 2018 and Clausura 2019, with six.

At Apertura 2020 was close to its third scoring championshipcontest that ffinished with 11 goals and only Jonathan Rodríguez surpassed himfrom Cruz Azul, who made 12.

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El Piojo Herrera promised that he would score more goals

The Forward auriazul was being very criticized for their numbers from 2021when he scored seven goals counting League and Liguilla of the closing and opening tournament, of which DT Miguel Herrera defended him saying that he was recovering his level following the victory once morest Atlético de San Luis.

“I don’t know if you remember that since I arrived I said that Gignac was going to score a lot of goalsthat our forwards had the possibility of having arrivals and putting forceful balls. Last tournament he had an injury and might not appearin the end it was important for us, now it has started as we thought, with the quality it has, I don’t know who says it’s overthe effort he makes, is very professional and he’s getting back to his level”, he added.

Those led by Piojo are the best offense in the championship, with 17 goalsthe same figure as Pachuca and Puebla, who are also second and first in the table, respectively, in which the royals are in third position.

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