‘Gignac yelled a goal at me because I said Tigres isn’t great’; DT Toluca

After the elimination of Toluca at the hands of Tigres tonight in the Volcano, the coach of the Red Devils, Carlos Adrián Morales, considered that forward André-pierre Gignac went to shout one of his goals to the bench, since it bothered him that during the week, the strategist said that Toluca is a big club and the UANL is not.

It’s a football thing something that maybe he was bothered by what I said during the week; when does the goal yells it and yells it at me, then comes to ask for an apology and that’s it“.

Carlos Adrián said he took things easy and stayed the same that Toluca is bigger than cats.

It is not that serious or anything, it is part of football and it is the spark of football and that is nice as long as there is no disrespect; During the week I did not disrespect a great club and today I continue to support it, this is a great club (Tigres) that in the last 10 years has done things well, a technician who talks about his experience is unnecessary, hopefully I could become a little bit of how much he has done.

“In the last finals this club has been, but that does not mean that Toluca is great, historical, with 103 years of history, with 10 titles under its belt, with great players who have passed through this team; I never disrespected and even there, It’s part of football, it’s not to make a mess or gossip“.


On the other hand, the coach said annoyed because neither the referee of the match nor the VAR, reviewed what they considered a clear hand of Carlos Salcedo within the area, with which a penalty would have been scored and perhaps the tying goal of the choriceros.

“If there is supposed to be a tool to help and to improve that part, I don’t understand why not, but it would be talking and listening as an excuse; If there is conscience, I hope it will fall a little there, but I have no more to talk about, I always respected how I like how they respect me, today I will always respect and they will make an analysis of the people that correspond to them in this case, why they did not review a hand that was evident to themselves.


On the other hand, Julián Quiñones, attacking Tigres, spoke about the classification of the feline team to the Quarterfinals and

accepted that the Tuca Ferretti team did not end in the best way, ending up suffering and asking for the time

, but at least they no longer scored a goal in the last minute, something that the UANL team had been suffering from.

“We did not finish in the best way (the game), we finished with one less, we improved the aspect of receiving a goal in the last minute, we focused on that. We are known for having a lot of touch of the ball and handling, today we saw that heart and claw “.


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