Gilbert Arenas responds to the bloody clash between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart

today The Angesls Lakers match Detroit Pistons In the third quarter, when Pistons player Jerami Grant made a free throw,LeBron James During the rebounding block position, a swing of an arm hit Isaiah Stewart, causing the latter to splatter blood on the right side of the face, which caused a fierce conflict on the spot. The last two were expelled from the field to continue the game. This was the second time LeBron was killed in his career. Expelled.

And the occurrence of this incident naturally aroused the attention of social media, and the retired star Gilbert Arenas I just shouted to Isaiah Stewart on the Internet, and first reminded Isaiah in a ridiculous tone that I should start packing up, because a conflict with LeBron might lead to him being traded to places like Budapest, and pointed out that no matter what the reason was the injury, he was always You can’t clash with a superstar like LeBron in front of the camera in this way.

In addition, Gilbert Arenas also listed LeBron, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Klay Tomphson as the list of stars that must not be provoked (physical conflict). At the same time, they mocked the NBA’s only fight that would not be punished by Rajon Rondo. Together with Chris Paul, we finally cited Enes Kanter’s current wanted status in Turkey as an example.

In fact, Gilbert Arenas’s ironic “superstar double standard” is really not news. Take a recent example, LeBron attended a liquor brand event in May.Questioned to trigger a health and safety agreementWhen the game was still played normally, Charles Barkley responded: “It is impossible for the league to have LeBron James suspended in the playoffs. If it is an unknown person, the result will be different.” Of course, the two things should not be confused. The exact situation It’s still up to the fans to judge for themselves.

Back to the topic, teammate Anthony Davis also escorted LeBron during the visit after the game. He pointed out that LeBron apologized to the other side at the moment of the incident. “Everyone in the league knows that LeBron is not a dirty player” and praised both sides. The response of the team’s security personnel was quite positive. Interestingly, Russell Westbrook, who also received a technical foul, was quite surprised by his own judgment. The referee team believed that he was not playing the role of a mediator in the dispute, but made the conflict more heated.

The league has not yet given a formal penalty for the two of them, and Isaiah Stewart has been stitched up after leaving the field and has stopped bleeding from the wound. He also posted on Twitter to tell LeBron to see you next game, but the text has been deleted and I am interested. Readers may wish to pay more attention to follow-up development.

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