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PRAHA/LOS ANGELES On the night of Central European Time, the award was given to the prestigious American Gold Glbus Film Awards, which the applicant moved from the traditional January deadline due to coronavirus. And while the vast majority of the winners enjoyed the gala dinner, the actress Gillian Anderson took the Golden Globe over the morning, alone in a hotel room and watched the sun rise over Prague, the Vulture server wrote.


Despite this, in a video call, the dog Zoom appeared in full pardon in black sleeveless dresses with a skull pattern in a combination of black and olive shades. She thanks her thanks for Zlat Glbus for the best actress in the supporting role, which she earned by portraying Margaret Thatcher in a historical drama series Crown, pronela v nekesanskch 04:15 rno, dodal Vulture.

Gillian Anderson na p

The American actress Gillian Andersonov became famous mainly for the role of Agent Scully, which she created in the series Akta X in 1993 and 2002. For this role she was nominated several times for the Golden Glbus Award, which she won in 1997. Since 2019 he has been playing in several srich series Sexuln education from Netflix production.

She flew to the Czech Republic because of her role in the film Wolves. Snmek White Bird: A Wonder Story, where esk prosted represents France, is directed by Hollywood director Marc Forster, who is signed to you under the bond Quantum of Solace. Foreign films can go to the Czech Republic even in the current pandemic situation under the conditions of birth.

Reisr Marc Forster has titles in his filmography as Ball of feathers, Hor u will not be, Svtov vlka Z or Robin the Critical. The film, which began to appear in Czech, is an adaptation of romnu White Bird: A Wonder Story by Raquel J. Palaciov. It will be about the fate of the Jewish family, which the French family wolves at home during the world.



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