Ginger: Natural Relief for Cold Discomfort and Inflammation

2023-10-01 04:30:07
One of grandma’s tips to improve some cold discomfort is the use of ginger, a common and accessible plant, in addition to contributing a great flavor. Ursula Pamela García 30/09/2023 22:30 5 min

This new medical discovery was thanks to research focused on studying the impact of ginger supplementation on a type of white blood cell called neutrophil. The study was especially interested in formation of neutrophil extracellular traps (NET), also known as NETosis. This may mean achieving certain control of inflammation derived from the symptoms of some diseases.

The study found that consumption of ginger by healthy people makes their neutrophils more resistant to NETosis. This is important because NETs are microscopic web-like structures that drive inflammation and clotting, which contributes to many autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, antiphospholipid syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.

New research reveals potentially important role ginger supplements can play, in the control of inflammation related to autoimmune conditions

“There are many diseases in which neutrophils are abnormally overactive. We found that ginger can help curb NETosis, and this is important because it is a natural supplement that may be useful in treating inflammation and symptoms in people with several autoimmune diseases. different,” said co-lead author Dr. Kristen Demoruelleassociate professor of medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

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In a clinical trial, Researchers found that taking a ginger supplement daily for seven days (20 mg of gingerols/day), by healthy volunteers stimulated a chemical within neutrophils called cAMP. These high levels of cAMP inhibit NETosis in response to various stimuli relevant to autoimmune diseases, such as inflammatory symptoms.

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Ginger currently has hundreds of presentations on the market, let’s remember that consuming it as naturally as possible has better benefits.

The level of improvement in each of the diseases still needs to be analyzed

“Our research, for the first time, provides evidence of the biological mechanism underlying ginger’s apparent anti-inflammatory properties in people,” said co-senior author Dr. Jason Knightassociate professor in the Division of Rheumatology at the University of Michigan.

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Researchers say many people with inflammatory conditions are likely to ask their doctors if natural supplements might be helpful for them or if they already take supplementssuch as ginger, to help control symptoms.

Unfortunately, Although until now, although an improvement in symptoms was discovered, it is still not clear at what level it would help each disease. Much more specific analysis is needed, so researchers will continue working on it.

Researchers hope to provide more evidence

It is intended to continue studying and analyzing The benefits of ginger, including the direct mechanism by which ginger affects neutrophilswill encourage healthcare providers and patients to more strategically discuss whether taking ginger supplements as part of their treatment plan could be beneficial.

“There are not many natural supplements, or prescription medications, known to combat overactive neutrophils. Therefore, we believe that ginger may have real ability to complement treatment programs already in place. “The goal is to be more strategic and personalized in terms of helping to relieve people’s symptoms,” adds Knight.

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As a next step, Researchers hope to use this study to unlock funding for clinical trials of ginger in patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases where neutrophils are overactivesuch as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, antiphospholipid syndrome and even COVID-19.

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