“Ginny & Georgia” on Netflix: Are These the New …

The similarities between the two series are striking, but Ginny mainly admires her mother’s cleavage – and she shoots bunnies with a silencer early in the morning.

“We’re like the Gilmore Girls, only with bigger breasts,” Georgia calls out to her sulking daughter. And throws himself on her bed, grinning broadly. This sentence should reflect the (too ambitious) goal of the series: To put a new, cheeky, upbeat version of the well-known mother-daughter team in the picture.

In any case, there are plenty of similarities. So the mother in “Ginny & Georgia” got pregnant very, very early. And raised a pretty daughter alone who is (largely) well-behaved and well-read. As with the model, there are many references to pop culture – Taylor Swift has already criticized a nasty joke at her expense. And while 15-year-old Ginny is still awkward with guys, her single mom has a lot of admirers. She does not register the languid looks that the nice owner of her local pub is giving her. Everything like the “Gilmore Girls”.

At the bar, however, Georgia (Brianne Howey) drinks wine and not coffee. And in the morning she also shoots a cute bunny that is digging up her flower beds. With silencer. The attractive blonde has left her past behind, she comes from the lower class (white trash, she would say) and has made it to the top. With quite criminal methods that will take up some space in the course of the first season. “I’m sure I won’t be as deviant as you,” Ginny says to her mother in an argument. And means it. What she admires about her mother is, above all, her self-confident way of dealing with men. And her cleavage.


Mother Georgia and the local owner. Unlike Luke, he doesn’t wear a cap.(c) Netflix

A lot of space is taken up by the superficialities that are also familiar from other US teen series. “I just want to be perfect” is a phrase that Ginny (played by 23-year-old Antonia Gentry) says casually, and it means something like: I want to be at the top of the high school pecking order. When her boyfriend writes a song for her, she is delighted. When a cell phone video of this song is clicked well, she is happy.

Stages to present yourself: That is the focus of the series. That can be funny sometimes, for example when Ginny and her clique dress up as Britney Spears at different stages of life. But the basic attitude is not broken ironically: appearance, clothing, popularity – that’s what counts. Incidentally, topics such as racism and self-harm are introduced, but it seems as if the series creators just wanted to give the character of Ginny (whose father is black) a little depth. Which doesn’t really work.

Vier mal Britney Spears.


Vier mal Britney Spears.(c) Netflix

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