Ginny & Georgia on Netflix: what is this new series?

Are you looking for a new program that combines humor and emotion? We tell you all about “Ginny & Georgia”, a new Netflix series straight from the United States!

A trendy theme

The two main characters of Ginny & Georgia are none other than a mother and her daughter. This is reminiscent of another series released recently on Netflix: last September, the platform with the red logo put the British show online. Duchess, which explored the life of a crazy mom and her daughter. For those who have missed the boat, it is to the talented Katherine Ryan that we owe this crazy program. Resolutely jack-of-all-trades, this comedian and screenwriter also plays the main role of her own series.

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In another register, we can think of the series Little Fires Everywhere, available on Prime Video. In this program with a decidedly dark atmosphere, they are two very different mothers – played by Kerry Washington (unforgettable Olivia Pope in Scandal) et Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies) – who compete and end up clashing in the affluent suburb of Cleveland.

Ginny & Georgia : What is it about ?

This new series shares an important point in common with Little Fires Everywhere. Much like Kerry Washington and her teenage daughter (Lexi Underwood), the heroines of Ginny & Georgia never really settled down or whatever, preferring a bohemian life to a fixed home.

Ginny, particularly bright fifteen year old girl, sees its existence change completely. His mother, the supercharged and disarming Georgia, decided to put down his suitcases in New England! Ginny will finally discover what is the “normal” life of a teenager, she who has always lived where the wind led her mother.

Ginny & Georgia
Ginny & Georgia ©Netflix

The teenager, often a victim of racism (on both sides, since she is mixed race), hopes to be able to find an emotional and family balance in this new environment. Accustomed to unpleasant surprises, she has bad feelings about this new way of life. And with good reason, because the ghosts of Georgia’s past quickly threaten to overtake them. Indeed, the latter, a widow, inherited a small fortune. Unfortunately, this reassuring prospect is tarnished by its heavy past, punctuated by “bad choices” and particularly toxic relationships. Will Ginny and Georgia’s relationship support this new beginning and the trials that come with it? This is all the evil we wish them !

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Ginny & Georgia : with whom ?

As Georgia, atypical mother with a visibly tortuous past, we find Brianne Howey (How to kill your boss 2). The actress appears in many series: she plays the role of Kay in the first season of the hilarious I’m Dying Up Here and Reagan’s in Batwoman. To lend her features to her daughter, Ginny, we called on Antonia Gentry. The young woman has already worked for a Netflix production since we find her in the casting of How to raise a superhero.

In the supporting roles, we find Jennifer Robertson (Disjointed), Felix Mallard (Locke & Key), Scott Porter (Why Women Kill) as well as Raymond Ablack (Narcos). It is to the young Sarah Lampert that we owe Ginny & Georgia. The series creator is also a producer and wrote one of ten episodes of the first season.

So, will you be tempted by Ginny & Georgia, touching dramedy available from February 24 on Netflix?

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