Giorgio Jackson, spokesman for Boric, acknowledges: “This election is completely open”

The spokesman for candidate Gabriel Boric, Giorgio Jackson said that the election before José Antonio Kast (Christian Social Front) “is completely open” and considered that the campaign has to “expand and diversify.”

In conversation with Radio Cooperative, Jackson said that “the scenario that was expected occurred, to have a second round between the candidacies of José Antonio Kast and Gabriel Boric, it is an election that is completely open.”

“More than half of the population that had the right to vote did not vote and of those who did vote, a significant percentage, almost half, chose other candidates, which were not these two that went ahead and therefore I believe that This second round of December 19 we will have to be able to show more clearly the difference that exists between these projects and how we can be able to show that unity due to the changes that Chile has been demanding for a long time and that these changes are they are going to do to achieve the desired stability and security that families have that they are going to have a better quality of life, “said the deputy.

Likewise, he assured that “Gabriel’s campaign has to be expanded and diversified” and said that “the conversation that we are going to have with all the people, leaderships, from different sectors who want to join this candidacy, we will have to have them, because it is a conversation that allows us not to have four years of deepening the failed recipes of Sebastián Piñera “.

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“With regard to public safety and with regard to issues related to that, of course we have there a grid of proposals that perhaps we have not exposed so much in the first round and that we will have to put a lot of emphasis on the second to clarify, because the path of the proposals that Gabriel Boric makes will achieve better results, “concluded the parliamentarian.

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