Giorgio Jackson: “We must not get dizzy with the results, with one million 700 thousand votes we know that no one is elected as President”

Step by step, without triumphalism and aware that to win in November you have to grow in the electorate. Those are the slogans of the RD deputy Giorgio Jackson, spokesman for Gabriel Boric’s command, in the face of the challenges that are coming in electoral matters after the triumph over the communist Daniel Jadue in the primaries of Approve Dignity last Sunday.

Interviewed in The Counter at La Clave, the parliamentarian was emphatic that “this is not a run, it is the worst mistake we can make. We must not get dizzy with the results of this weekend, we must ground the cable because with 1,700,000 votes we know that no one is elected as president in Chile. You have to prepare to broaden your gaze, we have to see where to go to find that call ”.

In this effort to expand Boric’s electoral base, and the option of growing towards the world represented by the current candidate of the PS, PPD, PL and New Deal Paula Narváez, the RD deputy started by pointing out that the programs of Daniel Jadue, Gabriel Boric “And I would dare to say Paula Narváez, they have fundamental points for a government of change.”

He also stressed that there is a grassroots work with the socialist world, but admitted that at the leadership level, the issue of “political trust, leadership, trajectories, are much slower than one could perhaps try to accelerate.”

In this sense, the RD deputy dismissed that “there are other candidates that represent this sensitivity in the first round,” but set deadlines.

For Jackson, the challenge is in the ballot. “In the second round we have the responsibility of not allowing a government to continue this bad government,” so at the leadership level they have the “responsibility of establishing those respective communication channels” that make such dialogue possible, he stressed.

In addition, he was confident that the candidacy will be based on Chile Digno, taking into account Jadue’s signals from the same Sunday, such as his “self-criticism of his campaign” and his gestures towards Boric, which “put a brake on any kind of interpretation regarding the election and that was super important for the future ”, he indicated.

Regarding the sector further to the left, which has marked a distance from Boric’s candidacy, Jackson assumed that a “multidirectional conversation” has to take place, because “in this challenge no one is left over.” “In terms of identities there may be some differences, but what is relevant is that on the underlying issues we do not disagree (…) probably on issues such as water, the AFPs and health there are coincidences,” he said.

However, it was also clear to point out that “our greatest political adversary is in Chile Vamos, in the conservative forces that do not want things to change”, given that “the threat of maintaining the status quo is real” and that “is what embodied by Sebastián Sichel ”.

Listen to Giorgio Jackson’s interview here:

The three key factors

In interpreting the results of Sunday, where Boric got more than a million votes, Jackson assumed that expectations were exceeded. “We were thinking of one million 250-300 thousand voters (for Chile Digno, in total), of course the challenges that are coming now in the face of the general elections are higher,” he said.

According to the command spokesman, the numbers are taken “partly as a surprise, but also a consequence of a work that we have been developing in different spaces, in addition to the leadership of Gabriel who had the ability in recent months to make a much more call. wide ”.

In Jackson’s opinion, there are a series of factors to explain these primaries: “the first and most determining is the social outbreak of October 18, 2019. That marks the characterization of these primaries with leaderships that tried to signify this moment, and there was much interest in participating in these primaries of forces of change ”.

In addition, unlike the 2017 primaries, when the FA won around 300 thousand votes in the elections where Beatriz Sánchez won, Jackson recalls that at that time the bloc “was just being born, we had very little representation and today it is rooted in different local spaces ”.

The third factor for Jackson is that “the FA was not alone this time, but together with a party and coalition such as Chile Digno and the PC, with Daniel Jadue, who is a tremendous leadership, and that made the call higher” .

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