Girlfriend drove “Farts from below” Boyfriend exited in seconds and scolded “Bigger shape” and broke up…accidentally revealed the truth about the scumbag man

(Picture/schematic, reproduced from Pixabay)

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He often talks about sex. The gender expert Hinsia, who has the title of “Sex Instructor”, revealed in the past when she was on the “News Digging Wow” program that she had met a woman, because she fell down while enjoying sex with her boyfriend. In the process of passion, he will make a series of loud fart sounds, which will make her boyfriend not only quit in seconds on the spot, but also question her girlfriend’s “shape has become bigger” underneath. There may be suspicion of cheating. He even broke up the next day and let his girlfriend break up. Angry and sad.

Xin Xia recently shared a case on the “News Dig Wah” program. She mentioned that the woman who consulted her revealed that when she had sex with her boyfriend in the past, they were very harmonious and happy with each other, but then one day, the two were enjoying fish and water. When she was in love, her body suddenly made a loud fart sound, so that her boyfriend could no longer “drive”. He exited the scene instantly to end his passion, and then received a breakup message the next day.

(Picture/Retrieved from the news digging wow YouTube)
(Picture/Retrieved from the news digging wow YouTube)

The woman told Hinsia that the woman asked her boyfriend about the reason for the breakup, but was questioned by the man, “When I was with you before, you wouldn’t make a fart sound, did you have a bigger space?” She later responded to her. There will be some air in the lower body of women, and it is inevitable that there will be farts when doing that. Both parties should rely on more communication to maintain this relationship.

Later, the woman replied that she originally wanted to find a friendly boy to communicate with each other, but then she discovered the cheating secret on her boyfriend’s mobile phone, and then she realized that her boyfriend originally wanted to push the fault of the breakup to the woman. Hinsia said that in the end, the woman also quickly left the scumbag, cutting off the misunderstood and exploited relationship.


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