Girona fishermen lose 13% of their turnover due to the pandemic

The fishermen of Girona they have billed 13% less by 2020 as a result of the pandemic. The brotherhoods of the Empordà and La Selva closed the year with an income of 31.4 million euros (MEUR); in 2019, there had been 36.2.

In return, this also moves into a drop in catches. Because first the Gloria and then the confinement by the covid-19, which came to paralyze fleets, has caused 1,000 tons less fish to be caught.

The sector, however, has been recovering over the last four months of the year. Partly because market prices have stayed (and even gone up). “We understand that the situation will be reversible, and that as the restoration opens, this will help,” says the president of the federation of guilds of Girona, Antoni Abad.


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