Girona’s exports fell by 6.2% in October

The Girona exports they fell by 6.2% in October with 532.4 million euros (MEUR) in a context of general decline in Catalonia, where they fell by 7.1%. The counties of Girona, together with those of Tarragona, have a decrease below the Catalan average but the figures, if compared with the same month last year, are 32.2 MEUR less (October 2019 exports climbed to 567.6 MEUR). So far this year, the decrease is 0.4% with 4,750.3 MEUR. Despite the figures, the meat sector continues to lead sales abroad with 176.5 MEUR during the month of October, 8% less than last year. Between January and October, the meat sector exported 1,535 MEUR.

Girona’s exports show restrictions and the effects of the pandemic with a fall of 6.2% during the month of October compared to the same period last year. Although during the month of September, sales abroad experienced a growth of 3.95%, in October the fall has followed the general trend in Catalonia (7.1%).

According to statistics published periodically by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Girona companies have made sales abroad worth 532.4 MEUR compared to 567.6 in October 2019.

In the year as a whole, they also experienced a decrease of 0.4% with sales worth 4,750.3 MEUR. By sectors, food fell by 7.8% to 255.1 MEUR and chemicals fell by 2.4% to 90.8 MEUR in October. In the year as a whole, on the other hand, food, beverages and tobacco grew by 9.3% and chemicals fell by 4.7%.

Within the agri-food sector, meat continues to lead sales during the month of October with sales abroad worth 176.5 MEUR but below those made during the same month a year ago (192 MEUR) . So far this year, this sector has sold abroad worth 1,535.2 MEUR.

In second place is the machinery sector, which during the month of October has made exports worth 39.4 MEUR, 18.3% less than during the same period last year (48.2 MEUR ). In the year as a whole, sales of machinery abroad amounted to 372.1 MEUR.

Pharmaceuticals are the third sector with 36.1 MEUR during the month of October and 356.7 MEUR in the year.

France, at the head

By country, France continues to lead the ranking. Girona companies have invoiced 117.9 MEUR during the month of October in this country. The figure, however, is below the 126.2 MEUR he invoiced during the same month last year.

Who has experienced the largest increase in export volume is China, where in October 2019 it was exported worth 75 MEUR and this year, they have been made worth 95.8 MEUR, an almost a 22% more. Italy, Germany and Portugal close the ranking of markets with the highest exports in Girona


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