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The two men, with different profiles, should fight in the coming months for a starting place in the France team.

Is Didier Deschamps already preparing for Giroud (34 years old)? Anthony Martial he scored points after his performance in Portugal in the mind of the coach? Are the two men incompatible? Will the warning issued to the second best scorer in the history of the Blues be followed up? So many questions that have occupied the discussions in recent days and will not fail to fuel a soap opera before the next meeting of the France team in March 2021. Holder against Sweden, Giroud has the opportunity to hit a big blow in case of new goals, while Martial, touched on the back, should be preserved. Zoom in on this competition which can only do good as a striker for the world champions.

What do the numbers say?
If we stick only to the past of the two men in selection, there is no match. Olivier Giroud, second top scorer in the history of the Blues (104 selections, 42 goals), supplants Anthony Martial (25 selections, 1 goal) in great width. The experience is clearly on the side of the thirty-something. In club, the deal differs a little. Though. The duo have in common that they still have not scored in the Premier League (1 start for Giroud, 4 in favor of Martial), even if the Mancunien advances as the holder at the forefront of the Red Devils attack, while that the Blues are third in their league at Stamford Bridge, behind Werner and Abraham.
Our opinion : in terms of experience and in terms of stats, Olivier Giroud has no equal in this area.

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What contribution to the game?
Two profiles at the antipodes. As we saw on Saturday night in Lisbon, Anthony Martial was chosen for his speed, his explosiveness and his propensity to take depth. But also its technical ability to find solutions in small spaces. Thanks to his handing game or his dazzling ball at the foot. In recent years, he has thickened physically and has the qualities to play in 9. He still lacks that killer instinct that takes a striker into another dimension. For his part, Olivier Giroud, longer (1.93m), excels in a pivot role. Good manager, valuable on offensive and defensive set pieces, with a big ball strike and at ease in one-touch play, the former Tourangeau has a fairly wide palette which also allows Griezmann to shine. and Mbappé, more precise and / or faster.
Our opinion: It all depends on Didier Deschamps’ ambitions. In a team against, more playful, Martial can be more explosive, where Giroud will excel in a more padlocked situation in the face of grouped defenses. The use of the two together does not appear to be incompatible either.

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What dynamic for the two men?
As we have said, in Manchester, Anthony Martial enjoys the confidence of his coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Whether it will last with the rise of Edinson Cavani. Olivier Giroud can not say the same for Chelsea or Frank Lampard placarded him. In club, the dynamics turn largely in favor of Mancunien.

Our opinion : at this time of the season, there is one who plays football and the other who watches his partners evolve every week. The question is quickly answered.

What does Didier Deschamps think of it?
That Olivier Giroud lacks rhythm and must quickly find a solution. A situation already seen last season at the same time. Eager to sign at Inter Milan, he had finally turned the tide with Chelsea before the Covid-19 interrupted everything. At his age (34), even if his physique remains in the foreground and his service in Blues count in the mind of “DD”, the situation must change. And quick. As for Martial, the coach appreciates his game, his qualities and his punching side. He only missed one goal on Saturday in Lisbon to validate a good performance copy. Clearly, it appears as a credible solution if Giroud does not find all his means, far ahead of Ben Yedder for example.

Giroud advantage. Holder against Sweden, he can once again set the record straight before leaving the Blues for several months. At 100% and with playing time in the club, his place is assured in the 23, he knows the deal and his record of service, his experience will do the rest. For Anthony Martial, the lack of realism in Lisbon will count despite everything. It is up to him to perform with Man U and stack the goals to come back with force in the selection from March.


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