Giroud raises his voice –

Olivier Giroud faces a decisive 2021 for his aspirations as a player. The Chelsea striker has barely had minutes this season, playing just 36 minutes in the Premier League and without the confidence of Lampard. Last week, Deschamps warned the second top scorer in the history of the national team that, if he did not change teams, their Eurocup options could be in jeopardy, something that the French international has endorsed in an interview with Telefoot today.

“My situation is worrying. I thought I still had an important role at Chelsea, but my playing time has been reduced a lot. Will you have to change this or I will make a decision in January. I am worried about myself. A decision will have to be made in January. I hope this is good, as I have always done, “Giroud stressed to Telefoot.


Furthermore, he added: “I wish things were simpler, but we are made to fight adversity. And as my friend Koscielny says, where I am best is when I am behind the wall. Although some speak a lot about my age, I feel good physically to continue playing “

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