GISMETEO: Scientists with the help of a drone “peered into the soul” of Hurricane Fiona: video – Nature

Company Saildrone used a drone to videotape the heart of Fiona, the first Category IV hurricane in 2022. The device had to withstand waves up to 15 meters high and squally gusts of wind.

Representatives of the company said that the device moved in the heart of the “Fiona” at a speed of 14 km / h, sometimes accelerating to 60 km / h.

Model SD 1078 refers to the so-called. “hurricane drones”. Experts use them to collect the most up-to-date information about the storm.

© Saildrone

Supervisor Saildrone Richard Jenkins stressed that the findings will help science better understand why the strength of the hurricane is rapidly increasing. This, in turn, will make it possible to evacuate in advance the inhabitants of areas in the zone of greatest risk, especially coastal ones.

Drone in 2021 SD 1045 The same company conducted a video broadcast from Hurricane Sam during the day.

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