“Give 25,000 euros to all young people”

“Give all young people a single amount of 25,000 euros”. Short, simple, effective. This is what MR President Georges-Louis Bouchez told De Morgen to better reward hard work.

“Millions of people in this country are doing jobs they don’t dream of, but still persevering with. They should be better rewarded for it, with a higher income,” he says.

He therefore proposed a “youth capital” plan for young people aged 18 to 25 which involves a sum of 25,000 euros: “It is a budget from which everyone, whatever their origin or situation, can draw from”.

The beneficiary of this amount could receive the whole “in one go, or in several installments of 300 euros per month. The condition is that the money be used for a study project, for the acquisition of a first property or for the launch of a commercial activity. »

The primary goal is for young people to take their future into their own hands, regardless of their social origin. “We need to prevent young people from dragging their disadvantage into their lives. »

Georges-Louis Bouchez also speaks of a tax reform: “We are also asking for a tax reform of 7 billion euros to strengthen the purchasing power of workers. These include an increase in the tax-free allowance and the doubling of the maximum reimbursement for childcare from 14 to 28 euros per day. Retirees should receive a higher minimum pension if they have actually worked for at least a third of their career. »

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