Gives You Sexual Well-Being.. Here Are 6 Natural Ways To Increase Your HER Levels

11:00 pm

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

Testosterone is a sex hormone found in both males and females, while it is mostly found in males, females tend to have lower amounts of it, as it is produced primarily in the testes and ovaries, and sometimes in the adrenal glands.

The male hormone testosterone is of great importance in men’s health, and low levels are associated with some health problems, as its levels are a major factor in triggering male puberty and related changes (including voice changes, hair growth, muscle building and a deep voice), optimal levels of testosterone are also necessary To support health during adulthood, there are naturally effective ways to maintain proper testosterone levels, says timesofindia.

For example, good levels of testosterone have been found to be beneficial for optimal health, reduce disease risk, and benefit body composition, and for women as well, adequate testosterone levels also play a pivotal role in supporting overall health and most importantly, sexual well-being.

However, as with other health indicators, factors such as stress, poor diet and lifestyle strongly influence the same, it is estimated that older adults have low levels of testosterone, which gradually decline by 1% each year after the age of 30 .

Poor testosterone levels can lead to health problems including risks of osteoporosis, changes in sleep patterns, libido, sexual function, and emotions, thus, it is critical for both men and women to maintain a healthy hormone balance and have healthy hormone levels. Healthy levels of testosterone over the years.

Although a good diet and lifestyle measures are important to improving your overall health, here are some naturally effective ways and measures to maintain proper testosterone levels as you age:

1. Weight lifting and training

Not only is exercise one of the most effective ways to bring about a change in your lifestyle, but it can also combat a poor testosterone balance in the body. Studies have found that increasing physical activity, in particular, forms of resistance training such as weightlifting can be a good way to increase the hormone testosterone. Short and long term testosterone.

2. Balance your diet

It is important to remember that what we eat affects our hormonal function and well-being, therefore, the diet we follow also greatly influences testosterone balance, and for optimal levels, pay attention to the total calories you eat and the concentration of nutritional values ​​to ensure that you are getting enough Proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates and antioxidants in your daily diet.

Certain nutrients, such as carbohydrates and healthy fats, have been shown to specifically improve testosterone levels through quality exercise.

Continuous dieting or changing diets may not be a wise idea as it may disturb performance and may not benefit you in the long run. Do not eat too much.

3. Reducing stress levels

Stress is bad for good health, and we all know it. Likewise, high levels of stress can imbalance testosterone levels in the body and pose problems.

Extreme stress can lead to the release of cortisol in the body, high cortisol levels can quickly lower testosterone levels and negatively affect you, poor stress management also affects your weight, mental health and gut function, so try to inculcate and incorporate some form of self-care and therapeutic management to relieve Reduce stress and cortisol levels out of proportion, get good sleep, eat a healthy diet, exercise, and most importantly, be happy and calm.

4. Increase your vitamin D intake

Of all the vitamins, vitamin D deficiency is associated with many lifestyle disorders and health risks, including poor testosterone levels. Preliminary research has shown that vitamin D can act as a natural hormone regulator, boost testosterone levels in the body, and improve many health parameters. .

While many of us are deficient in this healthy vitamin, it is important to manage it well, by spending some time outdoors in the sunshine, and adding vitamin D-rich foods or supplements, if necessary.

5. Get 7-8 hours of sleep without fail

The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep every day aren’t underestimated. Not only does good sleep make you recharge, but getting good rest and sleep also ensures that there is no imbalance in testosterone levels. Counteract any deficiency of testosterone or other hormones, prioritize getting at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each day, keep digital devices away, avoid interruptions and maintain good sleep hygiene.

6. Regulating hormonal function and improving lifestyle

Aside from improving your diet and exercise, there are several other ways to regulate hormonal function and increase testosterone levels. Having a healthy sex life, for example, is a major boost to testosterone function.

One can also try taking herbs and concoctions that boost natural testosterone, however, make sure to consult your doctor and beware of side effects.

As a precaution, try to limit your exposure to estrogen-like chemicals found in some products such as plastic.


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