Giz editor-in-chief’s recommended audio equipment[RØDE]is pretty cheap on #Black Friday | Gizmodo Japan

Amazon Black Friday sale now on!

When the editor-in-chief goes to the shared office rented near his house, he comes out in a mess.RØDE microphone, stand and headphones…。

RØDE, an audio manufacturer from Australia, is a safe and reliable brand. Microphones are especially popular, but other headphones and streaming audio interfaces are also great. It’s reasonably priced, easy to use, and has a modern design, so it’s well-balanced.

For details, please see here where Mr. Tsunafuji and Editor-in-Chief Oda are actually live-streaming with RODE products.

Video: Gizmodo Japan / YouTube

Anyway, I’m so glad I borrowed this Caster Pro II and used it for my Gizmodo live stream. But I refuse to buy over 100,000. But on Black Friday, it hit 100,000. You can also have sirens, cheers, and “iPhone only” SEs. It’s during the World Cup (meaningfully).

anyway my favoriteMonitor headphones “NTH-100”also cheap. Uses high-grade artificial leather Alcantara®, which is also used in Lamborghini. The ultimate shadow comfort is dangerous.

Video: RED / YouTube

This isUSB condenser microphone for broadcasting. Recently, you’ve been focusing on accessories for distribution.

video microphoneIt’s super cheap too. Speaking of RODE, many people probably think of this famous microphone for mirrorless cameras and videos.

thisVlog shooting kitIt seems convenient too. Rechargeable LED microlights are nice. RØDE is the one who can reach the itch!

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