GK Journal of State of Play, riot around Marvel’s Avengers & Warzone

Normally in August it is always a bit soft when it comes to game news. Many employees are on vacation and gamers often spend their money on other things in the summer. But this year, like so many things, it is different. The Corona virus and the lockdown have ensured that people stay at home more and therefore play more. The virus also caused games to be postponed due to working from home. And then you also have the fact that all offline events like the E3, the Tokyo Gameshow and Gamescom fell through. All these things ensure that there is actually no summer break when it comes to news. And that’s great for us, because then we can make deliciously filled GK Journaals. This time one starring the Sony, Spider-Man and Call of Duty Warzone.

Not high expectations and new PS5 games at State of Play Thursday

It will be this coming Thursday. Then Sony puts another State of Play online. However, we have to do something about the expectations, because no new PS5 titles are shown. What we will see and if there are no surprises at all, JJ tells you in this video. Sony has had a riot anyway by making playing with Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers exclusive to the owners of a PS5. Whether it’s timed or forever exclusive isn’t entirely clear yet, but fans are going buckwild on social media. Is that justified?

Warzone Season 5 is finally going to relieve your hard drive

Also news about Warzone. Season 5 will go out tomorrow and so you will get another nice, loose 36 GB on your disk. But developer Infinity Ward promises to get well. This week’s update should bring the total number of GBs down considerably. You can hear and see how they do this in this edition of the GK Journal.

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