Glenn is a candidate to receive a coronavirus test vaccine: he will receive 1,000 euros (video)

With us, this is a first launched by the University Hospital of Ghent. Since the beginning of July, candidates have been undergoing medical tests in order to receive a vaccine against the coronavirus. In exchange, they will receive 1,000 euros provided they meet certain criteria.

Glenn has a first medical examination. If his parameters are correct, he will receive an experimental vaccine, but for this he must fulfill several conditions.

Testers should not take any medication. They must be very healthy and it is very important that they are not allergic either. For example, hay fever is certainly not accepted. Applicants must also be between 18 and 60 years of age“, explained Fien De Boever, coordinator at the vaccination center of UZ Ghent, at the microphone of our journalist Mathieu Langer.

Blood control and electrocardiogram: a medical procedure is put in place to ensure the safety of the test patient … who will receive 1,000 euros in exchange. Even if for him it is not the most important.

Yes, I don’t know, this whole story fascinates me, I’m going to say it like that, I signed up and yes, now I’m lying here“Glenn said.”And the development of the vaccine? Yes too. It’s a story that I will tell my grandchildren“.

If selected, Glenn expects to experience some pain even if the few side effects are very rare. In addition, there is no risk of contagion.

There are no virus particles in the vaccine. It contains RNA and messenger RNA, it is a small molecule which asks the body to produce pieces, very small pieces of the virus, and thus to activate the immune system by making the necessary antibodies“said Fien De Boever.

The experiment begins with 164 candidates, but the university hospital expects more than 1,000 within a year. Forty and fiftieth, more reluctant, are also favored in order, hopefully, to produce this vaccine before the end of the first half of next year.


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