GleyLancer, the 1992 game resurfaces on October 15

Ratalaika Games is known in particular for easy hit games. This editor will make you discover again Gleylancer. This retro shoot’em up released in Japan in 1992 will land on October 15 on Xbox. The good news is that it will only cost 5.99 euros.

Follow the story of Lucia, a young fighter pilot who is barely 16 years old. When a war breaks out between humans and an unknown alien race, Lucia’s father, Ken, goes missing. It is with a torn heart that our pilot will have to find his father. For that, she will have to steal the prototype fighter CSH-01-XA “GleyLancer” with the help of her friend Teim.

With the 16-bit graphics of the time, this adventure is recommended for an audience already conquered by the style. Indeed, the shoot’em up does not please everyone. Despite everything, the game modes are improved in this new version. They thus offer better accessibility and a more modern gameplay.

So, will the nostalgic fiber have its effect in your home? Are you going to board the Gleylancer with Lucia in exchange for 5.99 euros? Tell us in the comments.

Rediscover GleyLancer in this new trailer

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