Global fight against drugs: draining the swamp

Dhe numbers are impressive and should be, the methods are no less. After years of investigations and preparations against networked drug criminals, the authorities of many states and several continents have united and deliberately struck.

Particularly noteworthy is the cracking of secret communication as the key to a successful search. And the international cooperation, which works well in many fields such as the fight against (non-political) crime, is not to be underestimated, but is not a matter of course.

One can only hope that this successful search will last. But one should not believe that the quagmire of drug crime can only be drained through repression alone, through searches, seizures and arrests, as well as martial images of it.

Not an eternal rabbit-and-hedgehog race

The market is huge and the demand is great. Over time, numerous states have started legalizing so-called soft drugs. That too is fraught with dangers; after all, cannabis is not safe either. If, however, only modest successes can be achieved with great effort through persecution and punishment, additional, new ways must be considered.

In Germany, too, there is movement in the debate about a new direction in drug policy. The controlled distribution of cannabis is no longer a taboo. That doesn’t change the fact that the hustle and bustle of international criminal syndicates, armed motorcycle gangs and mafia groups who play with people’s lives and who are now also being targeted by the global raid must be put to an end.

But this fight must not be an eternal rabbit-and-hedgehog race, but must be fought just as hard as it is innovative – in the sense of freedom and responsibility, an effective fight against crime and the protection of the health of young people in particular.


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