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Global Health monitors a record number of Corona within a week

In a new negative record for the pandemic, more than 15 million people were infected with Corona virus in the world during the past week, and the number of detected infections increased by 55% compared to before, and deaths by 3%.

And the WHO Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin said: “During the past week (January 3-9), the number of new Covid-19 cases increased significantly” globally, with “more than 15 million new cases” reported, which represents “ 55 percent increase over the past seven days.

At the same time, five of the six WHO regions reported an increase in the number of infected people, only in Africa a decrease of 11 percent was recorded, while the numbers were especially high in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific, where 418% were respectively detected. And 122% of new infections, compared to the previous week.

An increase was also recorded in Europe by 31%, America by 78%, and in the Eastern Mediterranean by 86%, while the number of deaths increased significantly in Africa by 84%, and in America by 26%, while the death rate in Europe decreased by 10%, in Southeast Asia by 6%, and in the Eastern Mediterranean by 11%.

In total, during the past week, the World Health Organization received reports of 15,154,666 cases of coronavirus infection and 43,461 deaths due to complications from “Covid-19”, which is respectively 55% and 3% more than the week from December 27 to January 2nd.

The largest number of infected people was reported from January 3 to 9 by the United States, with 4,613,359, which recorded an increase of 73% in the number of infected people compared to the previous week, followed by France with 1,597,203, an increase of 46%, and Britain with 1,217. 258, an increase of 10%, followed by Italy with 1,014,358, an increase of 57%, and India with 638,872, an increase of 524%.

According to the World Health Organization, as of January 11, 308,458,509 cases and 5,492,595 deaths have been recorded in the world since the beginning of the epidemic. The number of injured daily increased by 1,738,701, and the number of deaths increased by 5,150.

Most of the confirmed infections reported by the World Health Organization were in the United States, with 59,848,136. India with 35,875,790, Brazil with 22,523,907, while the largest number of deaths was recorded in the United States and amounted to 831,548, followed by Brazil with 619,981, and India third with 484,213.

In addition, the rapid spread of the Corona virus “Omicron” continues in the world, while the “Delta” mutant, which previously dominated the planet, is losing its strength.

According to the international database “GISAID”, “Omicron” was detected during the past 30 days during analyzes in 58.5% of biomaterial samples, and “Delta” in 41.4%. A trace presence, less than 0.1% in each case, was also detected for alpha, beta, gamma, lambda and mu strains.


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