Global health: the scarcity of transmission of the disease from people with corona without symptoms

World Health Organization officials have stated that corona transmission through infected patients who do not suffer from any symptoms, is very rare and does not contribute significantly
In the spread of the emerging virus.

What the CNBC website explained:

According to the American website “CNBC”, the health organization found that the possibility of transmission of the Corona virus “Covid-19” from people carrying the virus without any symptoms on them is “very rare” according to what was reported by the channel “Sky News Arabia” .
And previous studies have concluded that there is a large percentage of people, especially young and healthy people, who were infected with the emerging corona virus without showing any symptoms, or suffered from only mild symptoms.

WHO clarification:

WHO officials discovered that the spread of the disease among people who did not have symptoms “present and could happen”, but it is not the primary method for transmission.
In this regard, the Director of the Emerging Diseases and Zoonotic Diseases Unit of the Health Organization “Maria van Kerkof” explained that what she declares are facts based on explanatory reports obtained from a number of countries.
“It is still very rare for the virus to be transmitted from a person who has no symptoms, so he has to other people … This is very rare,” she said through a press conference in Geneva.

Health authorities focus on patients who show symptoms:

She emphasized that health authorities and governments should focus their efforts “on patients who show symptoms … if we isolate these cases and put those in contact with them in quarantine, it is possible to emphasize to limit the transmission of the virus.”
She concluded by saying, “But we still need to do a lot of research and studies to confirm this and resolve it.

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