Global Health: This is the most important factor in preventing Corona infection

Dr. Maria Neira, Director of the Department of Public Health and Environmental and Social Determinants of Health at the World Health Organization, advised the need to ventilate closed spaces and rooms in the home because it is considered one of the effective means to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

She indicated that ventilation is a very important aspect, and a very important factor to prevent the spread of the virus in closed and indoor places.

Dr. Maria Niira’s statements came in an interview with the “Science in Five” program, which is broadcast by the World Health Organization on its social media accounts, and presented by Vesmita Gupta Smith.

Natural ventilation
The UN official explained that natural ventilation, such as opening doors and windows, can provide a replenishment of healthy air that must be breathed in.

Dr. Maria Neira added that whenever possible, make sure that windows open for natural ventilation also exist in public places or buildings, such as schools or workplaces, and in tourist places.

She explained that what the experts recommend is to increase the rate of air change, increase the rate of ventilation by natural or mechanical methods, and try to avoid always recirculating air, while maintaining and changing the air filters in the devices properly and regularly as needed.

6 times an hour
The UN official said that a person needs to look at the area of ​​the room or place to be ventilated, the rate of occupancy in it, and the activities that take place in that space. Then there are formulas for calculating all of that.

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She added: “For example, if in one hour the room is renewed six times, it will provide a completely reasonable way to ensure that the spread of the virus indoors is reduced or prevented.”

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