Global Health: We are following the emergence of the new NeoCoV virus found in bats

The World Health Organization has confirmed that it is following up on the situation regarding the emergence of new viruses, including the Nieukov virus NeoCoV Al-Taji, but its danger has not yet been studied.

An official in the organization said in an interview with the Russian “Novosti” agency, that the WHO had seen the materials published by Chinese scientists regarding their discovery of the new virus, and thanks them for publishing the preliminary results of the studies..

The organization pointed out that animals, especially wild animals, are a source of more than 75% of human infectious diseases, many of which are caused by new viruses.

And she continued, that coronaviruses, or corona viruses, are often detected in animals, especially bats, which are a natural source for them..

She pointed out that the seriousness of the new virus must be studied to find out whether the virus is dangerous to humans.

The World Health Organization confirmed that it is in contact with the World Organization for Animal Health, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the United Nations Environmental Protection Program, and other international organizations, to follow up and deal with new viruses in animals..

And Chinese scientists had announced a possible risk of transmission of a new Corona virus from animals to humans.

The virus called . has been discovered NeoCoVIn South Africa, it is only transmitted between bats at the moment, and its transmission to humans requires a certain mutation, according to the agency. RIA Novosti.

On the other hand, Alexander Ginsberg, Director of the Jamalia Center, said: “Gamalya” The Russian Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, told TASS today, Saturday, that the emergence of the “Neukov . virus”“NeoCov It is caused by a constant mutation in viruses, explaining that the emergence of the new Corona virus from NeoCov Caused by persistent viral mutations.

He added that their discovery at the same time depends largely on the accuracy of work in the study of viruses, as mutations occur constantly, new variants will always be discovered, as the sequence level is about 2000-4000..

According to the Russian TASS agency, Chinese researchers had earlier discovered a new type of coronavirus among bats in South Africa, which, according to reports, is closely related to the coronavirus associated with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).” (MERS)And it can enter cells in a similar way to the one found in Corona, a representative of the South African community of experts told the Russian TASS news agency, explaining that this species was discovered in 2017 during the study of bat tissue samples taken in the past 5 years in the north and southeast of the republic. It is related to mammals belonging to the genus Neorimicia. The same virus has been identified in bats in Uganda and other African countries.

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