Global Internet failure: Fastly, the company behind the problem, explains

A “Software” bug, linked to changes to the settings of one of Fastly’s customers, is at the origin of the global outage which took several major websites offline on Tuesday, according to the American company that caused the problem .

The incident, which spanned over an hour and made high-traffic sites like The New York Times, Le Monde and Financial Times inaccessible, raised questions about the Internet’s dependence on certain IT providers. .

“This outage was large and serious, and we are truly heartbroken by its impact on our customers and everyone who relies on them,” wrote Nick Rockwell, Fastly’s director of engineering and infrastructure, in a blog post. published on the company’s website.

The bug was quickly detected at 09:47 GMT and Fastly engineers were able to determine the cause at 10:27 GMT. Once the “indicted” settings were deactivated, the majority of the network recovered, the firm said.

Fastly acknowledged that the problem should have been anticipated and apologizes.


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