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The picture shows the picture of people entering Taoyuan. (Information photo, taken by Chen Qiquan)

According to the latest global “The Covid Resilience Ranking” (The Covid Resilience Ranking), in the September part of the COVID-19 epidemic, Taiwan dropped another place to 42 from 41 in August. This incident has caused heated discussions among many netizens. Some netizens left a bitter comment on “How can the world keep up with Taiwan?”

The Legislative Yuan recently asked Executive Yuan Su Zhenchang to report on the “3+11” decision-making process, but the written report did not mention 3+11 as a breach, and claimed to “hold the epidemic to the world’s admiration,” causing the Blue Committee to disagree. According to comprehensive media reports, the latest “Epidemic Resilience Ranking” released by Bloomberg uses vaccine coverage (People covered by vaccines), lockdown severity (Lockdown Severity), flight capacity (Flight Capacity), and vaccinated passengers The comprehensive performance of four indicators including the degree of freedom (Vaccinated Travel Routes) measures the country’s resilience in epidemic prevention. According to the results of the September rankings, Taiwan’s performance is still in the latter stage.

In response to this, many netizens commented on “Zhongshi News Network” and “Pikkik”, “We have our own gameplay and wait for the world to follow”, “We declare that epidemic prevention is good throughout the day”, “Just kidding. How can the world keep up with Taiwan”, “It’s okay! As long as the back-end shift is maintained, some people will keep delivering vaccines”, “This year’s vaccines do not know where? I have been bragging about tens of millions of doses next year? Tens of millions of doses in the next year?” “As expected! The management of overseas entry was a complete failure, and the people who obeyed the rules suffered.”

However, some netizens believe that Taiwan’s confirmed cases are in single digits recently, and there are even zero confirmed cases. This is fortunate.

Netizens leave a message.  (Taken from batch kicking)
Netizens leave a message. (Taken from batch kicking)


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