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Since the outbreak of severe special infectious pneumonia (new coronavirus pneumonia, COVID-19) at the end of 2019, vaccination has become the focus of the fight against the epidemic in various countries. “Apple News” has compiled relevant reports on vaccines in today’s news and gathered here:

♦Health Canada announced on Saturday (5/29) that it will extend the shelf life of two batches of specific batches of AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca, AZ) vaccine by 30 days. The original vaccine that will expire on May 31 can be used until July 1. The authorities emphasized that the product stability studies and data models submitted by AZ Pharmaceuticals recently proved that the quality, safety and effectiveness of the two batches of vaccines can be maintained for another month, that is, the validity period can be as long as 7 months. The extension of the validity period is to ensure that all regions can use up the existing stock of vaccines.

♦Prince William of England and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, tweeted on Saturday (5/29) that she received the first dose of the new crown vaccine at the Science Museum in London on Friday, thanking everyone for participating in the vaccination Planned personnel. Prince William also received the first dose last week. The 39-year-old couple did not specify the vaccination brand they were vaccinated with, but they both attached photos of the vaccination. The Independent reported that after a rare case of thrombosis occurred in the AZ vaccine In the UK, adults under the age of 40 have switched to Pfizer or Moderna vaccines as an alternative.

♦Iran’s Ministry of Energy said on Saturday (5/29) that Iraq agreed to transfer its frozen US$125 million funds to a European bank to purchase 16 million doses of the new crown vaccine from COVAX. This fund is part of Iran’s past 20 billion yuan in oil revenue. It was frozen by banks in various countries under the United States’ accusation that Iran violated the nuclear agreement and imposed sanctions.

♦According to data released on Saturday (5/29) in the United Kingdom, nearly 39.07 million adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine, accounting for 74.2% of all adults; 414,000 people received the second dose of the vaccine the day before, 47.3% of adults in the UK People have received the second dose, which is equivalent to 24.89 million people. The UK has gradually lowered the age limit for vaccination. At present, people over 30 years of age can vaccinate. After the recent opening of vaccination for people aged 30 to 39, more than half of this age group has already been injected. British Health Secretary Matt Hancock thanked all the people for their cooperation on Twitter and called for “inoculation when it’s your turn.”

With the increasing number of vaccinations, the United Kingdom launched an app similar to the concept of vaccine passports for stores or public places to determine whether to release. Some people began to take to the streets against vaccine passports. Hundreds of protesters rushed into the Westfield shopping mall on Saturday night, shouting “Don’t block anymore” and “Taking back your freedom.” They were dispersed by the police half an hour later.

♦The Guardian reported that the United States, Canada, and the European Union have approved Pfizer vaccines for minors over 12 years old, but British experts have warned that unless there are special circumstances, it is not recommended to start a child vaccination program. The University of Bristol (University of Bristol, UK) Professor Adam Finn (Bristol) said, “Children can be infected with the new crown virus, but they are rarely severely affected by the virus. If you vaccinate them, you will expose them to the risk of possible side effects. Vaccinate them when it’s favorable, and don’t just give them protection methods that are effective for adults.”

♦As of Saturday (5/29) statistics, more than 167,15 people in the United States have received at least one dose of the vaccine, accounting for 50.3% of the total population; more than 134.41 million people have been fully vaccinated, accounting for 40.5% of the total population. The single-dose vaccination rate for adults over 18 years old reached 62.4%, and the fully vaccinated population also reached 51.2%. (International Center/Comprehensive Foreign Telegraph Report)


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