Global Wellness Day takes on more value than ever

The 1,300 students from the “El Limonar International School” schools in Murcia and Alicante have joined the activities that have taken place on the occasion of the Global Be Well Day celebration.

It is an event organized by the international group of Cognita schools to promote child and youth well-being, in which no less than 65,000 students and teachers from around the world have taken part.

The members of the school community of the centers located in Alicante (Villamartín– San Miguel de Salinas) and Murcia (El Palmar– Buenavista and La Alberca– Montevida) have adapted their teaching activity throughout the day to highlight the vital role of the physical and emotional well-being in education.

This philosophy is becoming increasingly important with the recent Covid pandemic, which is why the role of the so-called “wellness facilitators” has been reinforced from the mental and emotional point of view: connect, do and give.

This without neglecting the aspect of physical activity and the direct relationship it has with comprehensive health. In addition, the activities have returned to be totally face-to-face both indoors and outdoors after Covid forced last year’s edition to be held online.

“Connecting with oneself and others, doing meaningful activities, and giving to help others have been shown to be extremely powerful ways to strengthen our mental health,” explains Beth Kerr, Cognita Director of Wellness.

For this reason, the third edition of this conference focused on empathy, and on the importance of fostering social relations between the community, of externalizing emotions and on the value of collaboration and cooperation. These are especially relevant issues at a time when the continuing impact of the global pandemic on our mental health is the subject of growing interest and study.

“By exploring these elements that contribute to well-being in more detail, we hope to help our students and colleagues around the world understand why it is important to accommodate these rewarding activities in their daily lives,” he concludes.

Well-being is the key to Education. So much so that all Cognita schools have an integrated program of emotional accompaniment and student support that extends throughout their entire school life. In addition, they have Welfare and Safeguard coordinators, with the aim of providing physical and emotional support to their students.

Simon Roberts, director of “ELIS” Villamartín, and Vanessa Grimward, director of “ELIS” Murcia, agree that “we are very excited to connect our students with tens of thousands of young people from all over the world to commemorate the Global Be Well Day of 2021. The work we highlighted on September 30 serves as input and support to all that our teachers and students do during the year, underscoring the vital role that wellness plays in academic success.

Connecting with oneself and others, or giving to help others have been shown to be ways to strengthen our mental health.

The “Limonar International Schools” are British international schools for children from 3 to 18 years old. They prepare their students for higher education both in Spain and abroad. About 80% of the school day is held in English.

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