GM no longer wants to sue Trump (

New York. The automaker General Motors (GM) has withdrawn support from the elected Republican President Donald Trump in a lawsuit against the tightening of emissions standards in the state of California. GM will “withdraw immediately” from the legal dispute and urge other US automakers to take this step too, according to a letter from GM boss Mary Barra to environmentalists. At the same time, she backed plans by Democratic President Joe Biden, who was elected earlier this month, in transport policy.

The big US automakers joined Trump’s crackdown on California emissions standards in October 2019. The California authorities had previously agreed with the automakers BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and Honda in July that they would voluntarily comply with significantly stricter emission requirements than planned by the Trump administration. Trump then announced that he would withdraw permission from the state on the Pacific coast to set its own standards.

Barra was now confident of being able to work with the future Biden government and the California authorities to create an “all-electric future” in the auto industry. The GM boss praised Biden’s campaign promises to expand electromobility, create a million new jobs in the industry and install 550,000 charging stations for electric cars across the country.

Biden hailed the automaker’s move as “encouraging news for our economy and the planet.” The decision will also have a “positive impact” on the supplier industry. GM had just announced last week investments in electric and self-driving cars amounting to $ 7 billion (EUR 5.9 billion). The US automaker has around 164,000 employees worldwide and last year generated sales of 137.2 billion US dollars. AFP / nd


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