Gmail strengthens protection against spam and promises more security with new rules for 2024

2023-10-03 11:08:00

Google announced, this Tuesday (03), a set of new rules that aim to reduce spam messages in Gmail users’ inboxes. In addition to reinforcing its advertising and unwanted advertisement filter, the company guarantees that its practices will offer greater security against potential scams in the virtual environment.

Starting February 2024the email platform will now require bulk senders — that is, services that send more than 5,000 messages per day to Gmail addresses — to authenticate their email addresses following practices recommended by Google, closing loopholes that could be exploited by hackers.

Among the practices recommended by Google are the SPF and DKIM methods, which check whether an email was sent from a server authorized by the sender’s domain and analyze the integrity of the message content.

In addition to this requirement, bulk senders must offer Easy unsubscribe to block future unwanted messages. For Google, the process should be as simple as a single click, so that users don’t have to access the service and search between different pages to prevent new messages.

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Another protection will be an established spam rate limit that senders cannot exceed, to ensure that recipients are not bombarded with unwanted messages.

According to big tech, these security and quality standards are an industry-level shift, and other platforms must also follow such practices.

“No matter who your email provider is, all users deserve the most secure experience possible,” said Marcel Becker, senior director of product at Yahoo. “Yahoo looks forward to working with Google and the entire email community to turn these common-sense, high-impact changes into a new industry standard.”

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In parallel with the new measures to combat spam, Gmail is offering the possibility of sending encrypted messages natively in the app for Android and iOS, ensuring greater security for all platforms.


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