Gmünd district – storm “Ylenia”: Almost 30 fire brigade operations in one day

Weather forecasts have been warning of the strong storm event for a few days, “Ylenia” spread from the Baltic Sea over large parts of Europe, touching Austria and thus also the district of Gmünd: In addition to numerous fallen trees, the Floriani also had to remove hanging branches from trees or roof tiles hang again.

For the Hoheneich and Gmünd fire brigades, two traffic accidents involving several vehicles occurred during the day on the B41 or on Gmünd Schubertplatz to.

Overall, however, the day went well for the emergency services, as district commander Erich Dangl explains: “All fire brigade members deployed were able to return to their fire stations healthy and uninjured. Large-scale storm events in particular can repeatedly lead to dangerous situations with trees falling or strained. Our members are very well trained in this area and can recognize dangerous situations in good time.”

The situation is expected to ease during the night hours and the following day. The fire brigades are still in the process of servicing their equipment and preparing for the next operations.

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