Entertainment GNTM (ProSieben): Heidi sends absolute favorite home

GNTM (ProSieben): Heidi sends absolute favorite home


Updated March 26, 2020, 10:31 pm

In the 9th episode of GNTM, the drama in the top model villa increased. There was fighting. It was bitched. And there was even an injured. Even Heidi Klum was too dramatic. GNTM in the couch ticker.

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What we learn today:

  • If you’re lucky, Heidi will give you a shit test.
  • In model villas there are dramas about shoes and bags.
  • Ambition is not just a good thing.

Heidi sends favorite home

10:30 p.m .: We say goodbye in the evening and will be back next week. When the models have to act – that promises: foreign shooting potential.

10:25 pm: Johanna is out – Heidi sends her home, bursting her model dream. And also her own, because, as Heidi Klum repeatedly mentioned, she would have liked to choose a curvy top model.

10:22 pm: According to Heidi, Maribel and Johanna are among the weakest candidates every week. Are both flying today?

10:08 pm: By the way, we are now big fans of Tamara – who has been dancing since she was little. In contrast to other GNTM participants, she tends to tell that she is even vice world champion. Very sympathic.

10:01 pm: How now what? Nadine had been better than Lijana? So Heidi has to think about it again. Did she really give her the best possible assessment? We strongly doubt that.

9:59 pm: Heidi always deliberately does this by asking Lijana in the group of all people who practiced the most. Stuffed.

Johanna is more sunflower, less bitch

9:57 pm: What is going on with Kristian Schuller today? Does he also say something? So besides “yes”?

9:44 pm: Where is there this beep tone that is used to censor things on the radio that you shouldn’t hear? We would like to use it whenever Lijana speaks. We are already there: Better a tinnitus than a lijana in the ear.

9:41 pm: Who has ever said that ambition is an exclusively positive quality?

9:37 pm: Johanna is probably more sunflower and less bitch. So the opposite of Tamara.

9:34 pm: Oh iwo, Lijana, there are no huge challenges for you. You can just do everything.

9:19 pm: A shit test? Does that determine how shitty Larissa and Lijana are together or what?

Contestant Vivian had to deal with severe pain in the 9th episode of GNTM. That was not hidden from Heidi Klum. The 46-year-old followed up – and what followed was a conversation that hardly anyone would want to have in front of TV cameras.

9:17 pm: We miss the perfect lump. How nice it had been before.

9:09 pm: Directed by GNTM: “Please lick each other off to underline again that the powder is organic.” So that everyone really understands it. Or for men’s dreams, who knows.

9:06 pm: Is there anything worse than talking to Heidi Klum about his bowel movements?

9:04 pm: Now Lijana is also a Crohn’s disease expert. This girl is really crazy, she knows everything, she can do everything, she looks phenomenal. She should become the Supreme Master of the Universe.

9:02 pm: We’re starting to lack the strength to comment on everything Lijana says. It broke us. Thanks for that.

8:58 pm: Larissa is curvy? Presumably it has a size of 34.5.

8:56 pm: The girls are thrown at them with colorful powder. Heidi: “I told you this will be harder.”

GNTM in the couch ticker: a camera is always close at hand with a Lijana

8:53 pm: Again to write down: The colorful powder is organic, for eating, probably tastes of cheeseburgers. Or roast pork with dumplings, so that top models know what it tastes like.

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8:51 pm: Luckily there is a camera nearby when Lijana asks Vivian how she is doing. Everything has to be documented.

8:50 pm: Larissa didn’t exactly say seriously that she wanted a Johanna to include the shoot in her life? Larissa is really preparing to become the second Lijana.

8:43 pm: A Larissa is in the group with a Johanna and a Maribel. When a Larissa takes over the speech from a Lijana, we are almost ready to shout into our pillow again.

8:41 pm: Oh man, Lijana, have you really revealed your secret now, you never look left and right? If that doesn’t reduce your chances of winning.

8:40 pm: Are the sweaters they all wear from Levi’s? We can hardly see the big logo on the front.

8:30 p.m .: Lijana analyzes again. What did we miss, huh?

Drama in the model villa: That happened

8:25 pm: The drama in the model villa happened as follows: The girls were given bags and shoes as gifts (unbelievable, they certainly don’t all have them at home) and fought almost as much as some Germans currently do in the supermarket for toilet paper. Everyone ran and jumped wildly and in this opaque moment Anastasia Larissa accidentally put a leg up, which caused her to hit the floor and open her shin. Bleed a bit. But that’s it. But that was debated for hours. Wow.

8:24 pm: Tamara also has a pool at home. Then it really fits perfectly in the Hollywood Hills.

Picture too

Heidi Klum and Kristian Schuller.

© ProSieben / Richard Hübner

8:23 pm: Larissa is really badly injured. So really now. Not.

8:21 pm: Shoes, bags – madness. If you didn’t know better, you might think that the corona crisis is over and the girls are allowed to enter a shop for the first time.

8:17 pm: The first few minutes are over and we’ve only heard screeching so far. Has something happened yet?

8:02 pm: The Lillet is on the table, the TV is on – we are off.

Maribel is very worried about her grandma in the corona crisis

1:23 pm: GNTM candidate Maribel is very afraid for her grandma. In her Instagram story, the 18-year-old told that her grandmother will be 87 years old this year and have pre-existing conditions – which is why she is particularly concerned about her only caregiver in the corona crisis. Particularly tragic: a few years ago Maribel lost her entire family in a car accident.

Heidi Klum on GNTM candidates: worse intrigues than at Dallas

“I have to pee again.” This is already our favorite sentence in the 9th GNTM episode. Who says it? Jacky. Why? Because she is obviously excited before the shoot with photographer Kristian Schuller. There are so many other moments that you could step into today at GNTM. Because it will be really dramatic again (thanks, Lijana!).

Image of Heidi Klum

This time Kristian Schuller is allowed to sit next to Heidi Klum.

© ProSieben / Richard Hübner

Heidi Klum suggests: “As a child I always enjoyed watching Dallas. I love the drama and the intrigue – but of course not in real life. I never thought that things would get worse here among the girls.”

Even Heidi Klum seems to be getting too much out of the drama. It is bitched. There is fighting. A leg is raised. And in the end there is even an injured! Whom does it meet? You can find out here in our couch ticker.

Missed the couch ticker? Don’t worry!

Picture too

One is tattooed almost everywhere, another does not have a single hair on the entire body, a third was born as a boy: Heidi Klum took 28 candidates on the GNTM journey at the beginning of the season. Diversity played a major role in this. Who is still there? Who is out



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