GNTM winner Alex Peter gained 40 kilograms in one year

Alex Mariah Peter was the first transgender model to win on Heidi Klum’s (49) show “Germany’s next top model”. Since then, the 25-year-old has not only been a model and influencer, but also a role model – for the queer community and recently also for the body positivity movement. In her podcast «Yum Yum Hustlers»which she produces with singer Alicia Awa (25), she revealed that she gained 40 kilos in just one year.

During her participation in the casting show, the 1.85 meter tall model weighed 55 kilos and presented a slim, fit body. Today it is 95 kilos that the scales show. No problem for them so far. Quite the opposite: on Instagram she shares private moments, deals openly with her change and lets her community look deep into the soul when it comes to topics such as mental health, physical perception and social pressure.

Although she is not bothered by the extra kilos, it is a fact that will not stay that way. The weight gain brings with it a disturbing aspect: “I’m definitely a heavy sweater. I sweat like the 95 kilos I currently weigh.” She continues: “I sweat on the neck, on the back, on the upper lip, on the hairline – only in dam *** places. And it’s really, really bad between the breasts.”

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