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“Go all out!”: Welcome to yesterday – the Zonk is back!

“Now television history is being written,” asserts Daniel Boschmann right from the start, setting the bar pretty high. 20 years after the last Zonk, “Go all out!” return. With this programmatic backward roll, Sat.1 is in good company. The ZDF has “Wetten, dass ..?” and Thomas Gottschalk brought from the props department, ProSieben reactivated TV Total (unfortunately without Stefan Raab). More retro than in these weeks has not been on German TV for a long time.

Perhaps because the broadcasters are longing for the good old quota times more than ever in the face of streaming competition. But maybe also because people also see each other after the good old day before yesterday, when the whole family met in the evening on the sofa and in front of the television even without lockdown. And not everyone crumbled to their room with their personal device.

Gate 1! Or gate 3? Or would you prefer 300 euros? Lots of choice, lots of agony!

“Go all out!” was one of the most successful long-term commercials in the pre-evening program in the 1990s. Risen from the dead on TV, the format can now celebrate its comeback in the main evening program and with a full 90 minutes. But otherwise everything feels like it used to be. What especially about showmaster Jörg Draeger lies. The man is now 76 years old, but his quiff still fits perfectly. Even if the broadcaster has put Daniel Boschmann at his side as a show civilian: “Go all out!” all alone Draeger’s show. Boschmann is clever enough to accept this without complaint.

With the charm of a marriage swindler and the speed of a shell player, Draeger conjures up money from the many pockets of his jacket as always and talks the candidates dizzy: “If I open gate 3 now, you can no longer say I want gate 3. If you really want it, gate 3, which I recommend, then you open gate 3 and then I open gate 1 and if you say you want gate 1, then I open gate 3 if you want gate 3 , I’ll open gate 1. ”

Ironing station, barbecue oasis, dream vacation: win until the Zonk arrives

The candidate chooses goal 1. And with it the Zonk. Because the monster rat in red and black is back: the plush loser moment on German TV. But because the candidates come and go every minute, the pity is limited. “‘Go all out!’ is not a benefit show, “says Draeger. “We have a sympathetic malice about ourselves. Is that okay?” Is it.

Faster than saying “Zonk!” can say, there is a hail of money between the Quick Deal and the Big Deal, ironing stations, barbecue oases, dream vacations. Again and again, the candidates have the choice between the sparrow in hand, the pigeon on the roof – and the nothing called Zonk. You usually don’t have to do anything except make a decision. But that is sometimes the hardest. Jaqueline, for example, prefers to choose 2000 euros in cash than risking a total loss on the long way to 10,000 euros profit. The cleaner Silke, on the other hand, gambles until she goes home with just as empty pockets as she came. Had, had, Zonk!

And when does “Herzblatt” return?

Finally, the big deal: All the rip-offs of the evening get one last chance and can put their winnings on the line one last time. You have the chance to go home with nothing – or with the main prize of 48,000 euros. Student Selina dares because: “I came with nothing, and it’s okay if I leave with nothing,” she says very wisely. That’s how it ends.

Was TV history made that evening? Of course not. It was more of a homely TV flashback than the great joy of seeing each other again. Sat.1 has initially set the format for three dates, and that’s certainly a good thing: Nobody wants to have to leaf through old photo albums every week. In addition, there are still so many retro hits to discover. “Herzblatt” for example. Or “The Big Prize” and “The Wheel of Fortune”. Only for “Tutti Frutti” has the zeitgeist train finally left.

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