Go clubbing in Los Angeles

Find the box you need for crazy nights.

365 days or 8760 hours, 366 days or 8784 hours in some years. It’s been hours to spend… in a club. Yes, no need to deny it, you are in Los Angeles and you are thinking of going out to a club, that’s okay, it’s still a city famous for its nightlife. Are you more house? Dance? Latino? There is something for every taste.

Prerequisite: come home canned

A memorable evening at your favorite nightclub means getting through the front door… which isn’t always easy. If you come in a herd, choose a female composition, to have the favors of the physio at the entrance.

The good plan for the ladies is to come with a promoter. The concept is simple; the girls go into the club for free and sip cocktails by eye throughout the evening, and the promoter ensures the club, for a fee, the presence of young ladies, preferably with easy physique. So, either you know one of these night professionals and you enjoy a free entry, table and drinks, or you plant yourself in front of the club around midnight and find one there.

If you come solo, correct dress is required: exit the marcel and the jersey, you are The Angels, certainly, but it is advisable to dress in the evening. Polo, or shirt, pants, and of course, stiletos for the ladies and finally a dress (the one your mom takes for a T-shirt).

Arrive early – around 11:30 p.m. – to avoid stomping for 45 minutes in line. To those who feel ridiculous because they are the first, tell yourself that you need one anyway. Finally, there is no point patting the bouncer on the shoulder and slipping a $ 1 bill with his eye, he may take it as an insult and fail you on the passing exam. Be na-tu-rels, we tell you.

Most famous: The Avalon

It’s the Los Angeles club. The one where you are kind of forced to spend at least an evening. It has been the Angeline reference since 1927, when it was a theater, and The Avalon Today has an EAW sound system (from the Eastern Acoustic Works brand) after a facelift of more than a million dollars.

Gays on Thursday, amateurs electro Friday and everyone the other opening days.

It is one of the few Los Angeles clubs not to put you outside at 2 am; generally, the club remains open until 4 a.m., after which time for everyone to go up to the Bardot above, which stays open until 8am – just be aware that both places do not serve alcohol between 2 and 6am.