“Go the artist, because despite your escapades, you will always be a magician”

His devastating dribbling, his swaying gestures, his spontaneity”, Maradona was arguably one of the closest foreign players“magical African football”, Estimates the press of the continent which mourns the idol, in spite of the sometimes difficult relations which it maintained with Africa, explains the press review of RFI.

Maradona, we believed him to be eternal”, Title Walf Daily, in Senegal. “At the time Diego died yesterday, there was definitely someone on the planet to juggle, dribble or shoot. Quite stupidly, we tell ourselves that as long as a balloon rolls, Maradona’s throbbing must pulsate with it. That he couldn’t die. ”

“Of Diego, there are still some fantastic images, continues WalfQuotidien. Matches he turned into an unreal world. With him, we thought that the ball was an extension of his body and not an object outside his own dimension. Whether he had it at the end of his left foot or at the end of his hand, we could only see a natural outgrowth of his person..”

The genius is gone forever!”, increases GuineaNews. The football world is in mourning. The idol of Argentina thus leaves lovers of leather in tears. Diego’s disappearance creates a great void in the world of football. ”

Angel and demon

In Burkina Faso, Today remember the many faces that the football player had. “Very unpredictable on and outside the green rectangle, the Argentinian legend was sometimes illustrated by his behavioral excesses which had somewhat tarnished his career and obscured his prowess and flashes of genius.

Many times tested positive for drugs, the iconic number 10 of the Albiceleste was out of control and out of control. Accustomed to escapades, the one who by his touch and his controls was able to illuminate an entire stadium and millions of fans never went unnoticed. With above-average physical baggage and Che Guevara-style hair, Maradona was unique and irreplaceable. ”

The Paalga Observer highlighted the ambivalent relationship that the Argentinian international had with Africa:

Maradona did not necessarily carry the dark continent in her heart. […] During the 2018 World Cup, while Nigeria held up to Argentina, it will literally explode in the stands when the Albiceleste take the advantage 2 to 1. It is then that the legendary Diego Maradona insults the African supporters by making a middle finger to the camera. A gesture that shocked the whole continent.

Africa mourns a magician

Asked by the daily Investigation in Dakar, the former Senegalese international, El Hadj Diouf pays tribute to Maradona:

When he saw me play, I don’t know how he got my phone number, but, he contacted me to congratulate me and encourage me. If I am among the 100 best players of the century, it is thanks to him. He fought for this, although he is not an African. It is because he knew how to recognize and appreciate the talent of the other.

Finally, concludes Wakat Séra : “Diego Maradona was undoubtedly the footballer closest to magical African football, with his swaying and bewitching gestures, his devastating dribbling, his low center of gravity and his spontaneity in the game. Even if the Cameroonian Lions, at the time when they were still indomitable, had tamed it, on June 8, 1990, in the opening match of the Italian World Cup, which they had won 1-0, ‘the hand of God’ had not finished to amaze the whole world by its prowess. […]

Africa, where football is magic, as in Argentina, therefore mourns a magician. Go the artist, because, despite your escapades, you will remain ‘the hand of God’, you will always be this living god of football who knows how to do everything with a round ball. ”

Frédéric Couteau


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