GOAL from the ATLANTE GOALKEEPER in Liga Expansión MX Liguilla! VIDEO

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Villahermosa Olympic Stadium, Tabasco / 03.12.2020 19:53:10

The Atlante goalkeeper Humberto Hernández scored a goal in the game of Quarter finals from Expansion League MX between the Colts and the Pumas Tabasco at the Villahermosa Olympic Stadium, by masterfully executing a penal.

The Gansito he ran from his goal since he saw that Gustavo Padilla, referee of the match, decreed a maximum penalty in favor of the Catalans to be the one who shot from the spot.

Hernández did it in a good way, despite announcing with his eyes where his shot would go, but Ramón Pasquel did not reach it.

Gansito Hernández’s goal | VIDEO

First goal in the career of Gansito Hernández


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