[GOAL LIVE] Director Seol Ki-hyun’s three-back score failed, but he took the ‘victory’

Director Seol Ki-hyun’s three-back card failed, but resulted in victory.

[골닷컴, 창원] Reporter Choi Dae-hoon = Gyeongnam FC manager Seol Ki-hyun attempted a three-back in the match against Daejeon Hana Citizen, but unfortunately it failed. However, the number of matches that went back to failure resulted in ‘victory’.

Gyeongnam won the home match of the 2022 Hana One Q K-League 2 round 33 against Daejeon 2-1 at the Changwon Soccer Center at 7 pm on the 17th. With this victory, Gyeongnam added three points and took down Asan, Chungnam, and climbed to fifth place (41 points) in the league.

Gyeongnam started the game difficult by conceding a goal to Leandro in the 4th minute of the first half, but in the second half, they showed good performance and won 2-1 thanks to consecutive goals from Thiago and Koh Kyung-min.

On this day, Gyeongnam came out with a three-back against Daejeon. It was the game of coach Seol, who usually favors the 4-4-2 formation and plays offensive football using high-status strikers based on accurate kicks.

In a press conference before the match, manager Seol said, “Players like Willian and Leandro are good at counterattacking. There is,” he said, explaining the background that led to the change in tactics.

In this way, Gyeongnam formed a midfield that led to Kim Se-yoon, Castro, Lee Kwang-jin, Mo Jae-hyun, and Lee Jun-jae, along with the three-backed by Park Jae-hwan, Kim Young-chan, and Kim Myung-jun. Thiago and Eliardo, the tall twin towers, were at the forefront.

Unfortunately, however, the game turned against Seol’s wishes. He conceded a goal in the first four minutes of the game, and after that, it was difficult to develop an attack. Aside from the momentum going to Daejeon, Gyeongnam’s pass was very inaccurate.

In particular, Lee Kwang-jin, who was usually in charge of playmaking, had a very poor performance, recording an 82% pass success rate. Mo Jae-hyeon, who played the role of Lee Kwang-jin’s partner, was also unable to launch a cool attack as usual, probably because it was not the right clothes for him, and was sluggish with a pass success rate of 81%.

Gyeongnam managed to keep passing and hit several shots, but there were hardly any threatening scenes throughout the first half. In the end, the first half ended with a one-point lead from Daejeon.

At the beginning of the second half, Seol returned to the back with Lee Min-ki and Lee Woo-hyuk, excluding Kim Se-yoon and Park Jae-hwan. Then Gyeongnam showed a performance opposite to that of the first half like a lie. Daejeon didn’t seem to be able to adapt to Gyeongnam’s change in tactics, and Gyeongnam almost scored an equalizing goal at the beginning of the second half. Eventually, Thiago scored a penalty in the 24th minute of the second half and Ko Kyung-min scored in the 38th minute of the second half.

As a result, the number of three-back cards that manager Seol pulled out on this day unfortunately failed. However, the anomalous tactics caused confusion to the opponent, and thanks to that, he was able to secure the victory. Manager Seol also pointed out the reasons for the victory, saying, “After taking a change in tactics in the second half, it seems that the opponent did not cope well.”

Daejeon coach Lee Min-seong, on the other hand, suggested that he was responsible for the defeat, saying he did not properly respond to the change in tactics in Gyeongnam. “(The performance deteriorated in the second half) was definitely my fault and should have been corrected quickly,” Lee said.

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