[GOAL LIVE] FC Seoul mobilizes the largest number of K-League spectators since Corona in Super Match


Korea Professional Football Federation

[골닷컴, 상암] Reporter Kim Hyung-joong = FC Seoul succeeded in mobilizing the largest number of spectators in the K-League since Corona in a super match against Suwon Samsung. A whopping 14,625 people entered.

Seoul won the Hana One Q K League 1 2022 9th round home match against Suwon 2-0 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium held at 7 pm on the 10th. Seoul succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by winning the first eight games since the opening game.

Both teams played a tight game, but in the 35th minute of the second half, Palošević shook the net with a long shot from his left foot and secured a dramatic victory. In extra time, Na Sang-ho even scored from a penalty kick, adding to the victory.

On that day, 14,625 spectators entered the Seoul World Cup Stadium and enjoyed the joy of victory. This was the largest number of K-League spectators since the coronavirus pandemic. The match that received the most spectators this season was the match between Jeonbuk and Ulsan held in Jeonju on the 6th of last month, with 8,297 players.

The highest number of spectators for a single game in the 2020 season, when the corona virus was raging, was 10,251, which was the final match between Jeonbuk and Daegu in Jeonju. Last season, the final match between Jeonbuk and Jeju, which was also held in Jeonju, was recorded with 13,902 people entering the match with the most spectators.

The number of spectators of 14,625 who entered that day is the highest number of spectators in a K-League game since the Corona era. Recently, interest in both teams has not been the same as Seoul and Suwon’s performance has not been good recently, but the Super Match has still proven to be the most successful match in the K-League.

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