Goalkeeper dies at a football match in Kaliningrad on August 28, 2021 – Incidents – St Petersburg News

The tragedy ended with the amateur football match between the amateur teams Krasnaya Zvezda and Baltika-M, which took place in Kaliningrad on 28 August. During the game, Krasnaya Zvezda goalkeeper Alexander Shishmarev was killed.

In one of the episodes, the goalkeeper collided with an opponent’s striker and was seriously injured.

“The help, promptly and fully provided by Baltika’s doctors, did not help. The ambulance team that arrived fought for Alexander’s life for an hour, but they could not save him … The Kaliningrad Regional Football Federation, the entire football community of the region condole with Alexander’s family and friends. With the support of KOFF, as well as representatives of some amateur teams in the region, the costs of organizing the funeral will be fully covered, ”the Kaliningrad Regional Football Federation said in a statement.

Alexander was 23 years old.

Note that 20 years ago, on August 28, 2001, CSKA goalkeeper Sergei Perkhun died under similar circumstances. During the Anji – CSKA match in Makhachkala, he collided with the hosts’ forward Budun Budunov. Both ended up in the hospital. Budunov was able to return to football, and Perkhun could not be saved. He became the first athlete in the history of Russian football who died as a result of an injury on the field.

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