Goals Cristiano Ronaldo: the double of the Portuguese forward in Juventus vs. Inter LIVE for the Italian Cup | VIDEO | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

02/02/2021 03:41 pm | Updated 02/02/2021 04:06 pm

The hero of the day. Cristiano Ronaldo reappeared in the Juventus vs. Inter de Milan for the first leg semifinal of the Italian Cup, with a great finish that left Handanovic with no chances.

With this goal from the Portuguese attacker, Andrea Pirlo’s men turned the score in the match against Antonio Conte’s, who had taken the lead eight minutes into the match with a goal from Lautaro Martínez.

After matching the actions, with a goal from the twelve steps, Cristiano Ronaldo put an advantage to Juventus and gives you the first option to stay with the shock before a Inter de Milan that will come out with everything for the tie.

Juventus vs. Inter: the previa

The Argentine striker defined in a great way and broke the tie between Juventus and Inter for the first leg semifinal of the Italian Cup due to a poor response from the rival goalkeeper.

The last time he Inter de Milan opened their cabinets was to add an Italian Cup. But it’s been too long since that, when the club won its seventh and last cup in 2011. Since then his ceiling in the competition has been the semifinals.

To forget his bad time in the Champions League (last in the group stage), Antonio Conte knows that he will have to offer a national title this season. Although the ‘Scudetto’ is still the number 1 objective, this new duel against the Juventus It is an opportunity because the qualifier will be the favorite for the final in May.

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