God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 get better on the RPCS3 emulator

One patch improves frames per second by 30-40% on God of War 3.

Over the months, the team behind RPCS3, the best PlayStation 3 emulator for PC, offers specific patches for certain games. This was particularly the case for Heavenly Sword this summer, or for Red Dead Redemption et inFamous last March. Now, in the turn of Gran Turismo 5, the Last of Us! and God of War 3 to be pampered.

Let’s start with God of War 3: it runs much smoother than before. The gains are around 30-40%. In addition, according to the description of the video published by the YouTube channel RPCS3, the software hardly experiences any more crashes. However, to run it, the team specifies that you need a rather powerful processor that supports TSX instructions. She recommends a Ryzen 5 3600 in AMD and at least a Core i5-8500 in Intel. An overclocked 5 GHz Core i9-9900K gives around 50 frames per second at 1440p.

RPCS3 emulator now offers multiplayer

No more IPS limit for Gran Turismo 5

For Gran Turismo 5, the patch unlocks the framerate, so far stuck at 60 frames per second. In the clips shown, the frequency oscillates between approximately 65 and 80 fps. Finally, the patch for The Last of Us! enhances the effects of bloom of the title.

You can find all the additional information on RPCS3 in the description of the video.

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