God of War Ragnarok hides adorable nod to 2018 game in Atreus skin

God of War: Ragnarok prepares to continue adventure Norse Kratos and Atreus, introducing a new cast of characters including a Thor as one of the main antagonists. Sony Santa Monica Studio returns to work on this delivery, which will be available in Spain – with dubbing in our language – and worldwide in 2022 for PS4 and PS5. Meanwhile, fans are content with the new preview released a few weeks ago, scrutinizing every last detail. And in this work they have discovered a lovely guide from Atreus.

God of War Ragnarok, the easter egg that Atreus hides

Thanks to the latest previews presented by Sony Santa Monica, fans have been able to see the frozen places of Midgar and see familiar faces like Freya and Mimir again, as well as meeting an Atreus who has left behind the boy we met in the 2018 installment. Well, not quite. Thanks to the analytical eyes of the community of God of War, we have discovered a detail that makes us see that Atreus is still that child that accompanied us in the original game.

From account BT_BlackThunder, known for her hilarious memes and Kratos fanarts, a very curious detail has been pointed out but one that is easy to lose sight of in the recent trailer of God of War Ragnarok. If we look at Atreus’s quiver, we can make out a drawing where they are shown two stick figures, Kratos and Atreus, as they make their journey through Jtunheim, the final destination of the game of 2018.

Atreus has not lost the child within

Although it may seem like a small detail – in fact, it almost goes completely unnoticed if it weren’t for the astute fans – the truth is that it is a sample of the time and care that Santa Monica Studio is dedicating to this continuation. It is that kind of guide that, probably, will not have a major impact on the story … but it already allows us get an idea of ​​how important this trip with Kratos was to Atreus, and how much it has meant to him. Almost as important as it was also for the players.

It should also be noted that Ragnarok to be the title that closes the Norse saga of Kratos. So why not say it? This installment aims to have a bittersweet taste when we finish its story. We remind you that it will debut in 2022 on both PS4 and PS5; a launch that would have been delayed by the operations that the Kratos actor had to undergo in 2019, Christopher Judge.


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