Godfall: Hinterclaw armor reveals its steel curves in video

If the release date of the PS5 is still a mystery, we at least know that it will have among its line-up a console exclusive from Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing, Godfall. The whole concept of this looter shlasher will be based on the fact that our knight Valorian will be able to equip Valorplates, armors granting powerful abilities able to overcome the creatures of the world ofAperion. As for the Silvermane in June, this is a new set which is now teas through a short video.

It is l’Backclaw, whose appearance this time is based on the wolf, evidenced by the look of the helmet. Its steel and bluish hues immediately give it a cold side, well reinforced by the presence of fur. The little speech accompanying this overview declares: “The power taken is the power deserved. Access dignity with Hinterclaw. »Hopefully we will soon see her in action like the Silvermane who was present in the recent video of State of Play introducing the intricacies of the combat system and weaponry.

Godfall is expected at the end of the year on PS5 (you can create an alert on the site of Micromania to be notified when it will be pre-ordered) and PC via theEpic Games Store, still undated at the present time.

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