God’s presence manifested in everyday matters!

Pope Francis’ noon prayer meditation.

Joey Cariveli, Vatican City

This Sunday (13/06/21) in Rome the sun was strong enough to feel like summer even though it was spring. At noon that day, believers from different countries participated in the Trinitarian prayer led by Pope Francis at the Vatican. Believers gathered in the courtyard of St. Peter’s Basilica to attend the prayer, and the Pope appeared at the regular window of the Papal Palace to lead the Trikala prayer at 12 noon Rome. Before the prayer, the pope, as usual, made a reflection. In the Holy Scriptures read this Sunday (13/06/21) in the liturgy of the Latin Rite, the Gospel of Mauritius verses 14,26-34, two parables comparing Jesus, the Kingdom of God, to the sowing of seeds and the mustard seed, are the source of the pope’s consideration.

The Malayalam translation of Papa’s reflection in Italian:

Parables of the sower and the mustard seed

Dear brothers and sisters, good day!

The parables that are presented to us today in worship – two parables – are inspired by ordinary life. They reveal Jesus’ keen gaze, which observes reality and opens windows to God’s mystery and human affairs through small everyday matters. Jesus spoke in an easy-to-understand way, symbolizing the realities of everyday life. Thus, He teaches us that even everyday things, which sometimes seem to be the same and that we do carelessly or effortlessly, have a mysterious presence in God, that is, they have a meaning. Therefore, we too need careful eyes to be able to “seek and find God in all things.”

God is always active in small things

Today Jesus compares the Kingdom of God, his presence dwelling in the heart of things and the world, to the mustard seed, which is considered to be the smallest seed that exists: it is very small. However, once planted in the ground, it grows into a large plant (Mark 4: 31-32). That is what God does. At times, the hustle and bustle of the world, along with the many activities that plague our day, prevents us from standing together and understanding how the Lord leads history. However, the gospel assures us that God, like a good little seed that grows quietly and slowly, is active.

The mysterious growth of a small seed that grows into a large tree

Gradually it grows into a large tree that gives life and shade. The seed of our good works may seem trivial; However, everything that is good belongs to God, so it humbly bears fruit slowly. Let us remember that goodness grows in a humble and mysterious way, often, in an invisible way.

Jesus gives confidence

Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus wants us to have faith in this parable. In many situations in life, in fact, we may be disappointed because we see the weakness of good as compared to the apparent power of evil. When we see that our efforts are in vain and things do not change, we may lose confidence and become discouraged. The gospel asks us to have a new perspective on ourselves and reality; It says that the presence of God, who is always active as humble love in our sphere of life and history, needs wide eyes that can see beyond everything, especially the visible. This is our faith, and it gives us the strength to persevere daily by sowing fruitful goodness. How important this attitude is to get out of the epidemic today! Develop the confidence that we are in God’s hands, and at the same time be committed to rebuilding and resuming with patience and perseverance.

The weeds of unbelief

The weeds of unbelief can also take root in the church, especially when we witness the crisis of faith and the failure of various plans and initiatives. But we must never forget that the results of sowing do not depend on our abilities: they depend on the work of God. It is our duty to sow, to sow with love, commitment and patience. But the power of the seed is divine. Jesus explains it in another parable today: The farmer sows and does not think about how it will bear fruit. Because without his knowledge the seed grows by itself day and night (Mark 4: 26-29). It is hoped that God’s presence will always allow new plants to sprout, even in dry soil.

Intercession of the Virgin Mary

May the Most Holy Mary, the humble servant of the Lord, teach us to see the glory of God working in small things and to overcome the temptation to despair. Let us trust in Him every day!

Following these words, the Pope led and blessed the opening prayer of the Lord’s Angel.

Famine in the Tigre region of Ethiopia

After the Pope’s blessing, he reminded the people of Ethiopia’s region of Tigre, which is facing a serious humanitarian crisis that is pushing the poorest into famine.

Pope Benedict assured him that he had their charcoal.

Pope Benedict recalled that there was famine and starvation in the country today, and called for an immediate end to the violence, food and health care for all, and the speedy restoration of social cohesion.

The pope thanked all those who are trying to bring relief to the suffering of the people and invited everyone to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary and pray for the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Anti-Child Labor Day

The Pope also commemorated the celebration of World Day Against Child Labor on Saturday (12/06/21).

Papa said he could not turn a blind eye to the exploitation of children who had lost the right to play, study and dream.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), more than 150 million children worldwide are being exploited in the workplace. Papa said it was a tragedy.

The pope said the number would be close to the total population of Italy, Spain and France.

Pope Benedict XVI said that many children are being exploited today through child labor and called on all to innovate in the collective effort to eradicate slavery in our time.

The Mediterranean becomes a morgue

Pope Benedict XVI mentioned the ceremony of bringing the wreckage of the shipwreck to Augusta, Sicily on Sunday (13/06/21) afternoon, August 8, 2015, as a symbol of the many tragedies of the Mediterranean, and of creating a conducive environment for the growth of a strong humanity that breaks down the walls of indifference.

The pope invited everyone to think about how the Mediterranean has become the largest cemetery in Europe.

The pope also commemorated the annual celebration of World Blood Donor Day on June 14.

The Pope thanked the volunteers in this field and encouraged them to move forward by witnessing the values ​​of generosity and freedom.

Concluding remarks

At the end of the three-day prayer service, the pope greeted everyone in various cities and other countries in Italy, including Rome, and wished them a good Sunday and repeated their request to pray for them. Papa then left the window, wishing everyone a good lunch and saying goodbye.

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