Goffin, books and Netflix to attack quarantine in Melbourne – Fil Info – Open Australia

Semi-finalist in Antalya, David Goffin is about to take the direction of Melbourne via Doha. To begin the fourteen-day quarantine imposed on players called to compete in the Australian Open. The Belgian explained to the Belga agency in comments reported by the Rtbf : “We will have to manage all this well. I can always be accompanied by a member of the team, so we will try to vary. For the rest, I took books, Germain (Gigounon, his new coach) too. There will be Netflix too, obviously, as for everyone else. We will try to establish a good program to get through this quarantine as well as possible. We will have two weeks, then a tournament in Melbourne and finally the Australian Open. There is still plenty of time. It will not be necessary to grill too much, to keep mental freshness. But I think that being able to go out every day should be fine. ”


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